How To Invest

In order to buy our cryptocurrency, you first need a wallet and some BNB cryptocurrency. The most popular wallets are a Chrome browser plugin called MetaMask or a phone app called Trust Wallet. We suggest that you then swap BNB for TREE using Pancake Swap. 

For Canadians, we recommend using Bitbuy which is Canada’s largest most trusted online wallet and crypto currency exchange.  Note however that they only carry a smaller assortment of large tokens and do not yet carry our TREE token or BNB to swap for it.


1. Get A Crypto Wallet


Download MetaMask or Trust Wallet and be sure to safely store your password and secret recovery phrase somewhere secure. 

2. Swap BNB for TREE

Swap to BNB coins at Changelly (crypto exchange since 2015) and then swap for them for TREE tokens. 

In MetaMask (or Trust Wallet), click the “Swap” button and select BNB for the “Swap from” coin and for the “Swap to” token just paste our Canopy (TREE) token address:


Don’t see TREE tokens in your wallet?
Be sure to click “Import Tokens” (eg. link at bottom of MetaMask) by copying the token contract address below:


3. Swap MATIC for KARMA

Get some MATIC coins here to Swap for KARMA.

In MetaMask (or Trust Wallet), switch to the Polygon Network and click the “Swap” button.  Select MATIC for the “Swap from” coin and for the “Swap to” token just paste our KARMA token address below:


PRO LEVEL: Invest by Adding Liquidity

Add to the TREE investment pool on Pancake Swap and earn a % on each trade. You will need some BNB and TREE tokens in your wallet to do this.  See how to do this in the video further below. 

How To Earn Passive Income By Providing Liquidity (Staking our TREE or KARMA Tokens)


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