Save The Cub!

Cubs On Stumps (Play Now)

What the heck is it? 
A free 10×10 game where the goal is to save the cub from loggers. This is done by dragging trees, boulders and protestors onto the game board.

Are all types of logging bad?
Not all types of logging are detrimental for the environment (e.g. fire breaks near communities, manual or small scale selective logging), however large scale industrial clearcut logging, especially old growth, has been scientifically proven to be detrimental to watersheds and ecosystems. Read more on “Intact Forests, Safer Communities” written by PhD Forest Biologist Peter Wood. In British Columbia, Canada, logging is a net loss for the economy.

How exactly do I save the cub?
Just drag rocks, trees and protestors onto the board to protect the cub from the loggers getting to this furry little guy. If a logger gets surrounded or included in a horizontal or vertical line of protesters, trees or rocks, then they disappear.

How do I stop the loggers?
You can slow down loggers by 1 turn by planting trees in their way before they cut it down.  A protestor will also slow loggers down, but they may get hungry or tire and go home.  A rock, however, will always block a logger’s path. 

How do I complete a level?
If you surround the cub with rocks, you will advance to the next level. Each level gets harder by adding loggers more frequently, and by having the protestors wander off home sooner. You must stop the loggers from getting to the cub before it’s too late!

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Game Rules

  • Loggers move 1 square per turn any direction including diagonally
  • If loggers get to the cub, the player will lose and it’s “Game Over.” 
  • If loggers are surrounded by trees, rocks or protestors they will then disappear.
  • If loggers are in a row with each square filled with items, the row/loggers disappear.
  • Rocks, trees and protestors are randomly introduced at bottom to drag onto board
  • Rocks will block all characters and never disappear.
  • Trees will slow loggers down for only 1 turn when they get chopped into a stump.
  • Protestors block loggers, but then wander off, get hungry or lost and disappear after a few turns.