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Here is HTML code for a basic wind forecast app for your area. This was all created in around 10 to 15 minutes using ChatGPT. See full tutorial below and here: Here is my weather app code below. NOTE: You will need sign up to get an API key at and then insert as shown below;

We are proud to support a donation to help save ancient forests and sensitive caribou habitat in one of the last fully intact interior temperate rainforests of British Columbia, Canada. The Argenta Face is part of the traditional, ancestral, unceded, and unsurrendered təmxʷulaʔxʷ (homeland) of the Sinixt People The Sinixt People have been illegally declared extinct “for the purposes of the Indian Act”, and have been denied sovereignty over their ancestral territory in an act of genocidal erasure by the colonial state The Autonomous Sinixt recently released Land Declaration calls for a “FULL STOP” to all proposed resource extraction until they can review it and uphold it follows their traditional laws of Whuplakn and Smum-Iem   Endangered Mountain Caribou Migration and Feeding Territory  This area is known to be used by the rare and endangered Mountain Caribou It contains an old growth interior rainforest ecosystem with dense loading of Alectoria and Bryoria…

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Some of the biggest cities in the world know the importance of protecting their water. New York City, Seattle and Vancouver are prime examples of large populations that rely on surface-fed water. In fact in British Columbia, over 85% of drinking water is surface fed from creeks and streams. Our forests are the best filter available. Not only do intact forests clean water, but they protect slopes from run-off, land and mudslides. This has never been more clear than the recent flooding disasters in Grand Forks and most recently in the lower mainland of Vancouver’s Fraser Valley.